Transmission Service

You will know that your vehicle requires a transmission service and our urgent attention when you hear strange sounds, or it suddenly pops out of gear. A burning smell may occur, or you may notice a transmission fluid leak.  We advise that you service your vehicle’s automatic transmission before you face any of the mentioned issues, call us today for more info about your transmission service according to the manufacturer required bulletin.   Although an automatic transmission is a challenge, you can be confident that our expert team is entirely capable of taking care of various transmission types.  During an automatic transmission service we will:
  • Drain the old transmission fluid
  • Add new fluid per the recommendation of your vehicle manufacturer  
  • Remove old filters and replace
  • Replace all gasket material
  • Replace transmission data plug where applicable 
  • Recalibrate and adapt by our Electronic Diagnostic Equipment as needed.
Trust ExcelTune’s experience and our care for you, our customer, to keep your driving enjoyment free of any breakdown worries

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