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Throughout our many years of experience, and because we pay attention to you, our client, we understand what people want from their mechanic and service centre, and our mission is to be entirely unique and to deliver best in market service for all our customers. 

We understand the inconvenience of car problems, and we believe you deserve our honesty, patience, and care. At ExcelTune, we listen, take enough time to explain the diagnosis and how we will address the issue and make sure that you’re comfortable and understand everything there is to know. 

We are not a franchise, but an owner-operated workshop - the buck stops with us, and we’ll never make you wait for answers or overcharge you. Our vision for our company is to build relationships with our support base, and we simply don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We are committed to serving you and your family for years to come in the way you deserve, which is helpful, friendly, professional and above all – in tune with excellence.

Whether you bring us your older car for a service, inspection or a tune-up on your modern, European vehicle, we never cut corners. It’s vital to our vision and mission to raise the bar and to provide cost-effective, dealer-level quality solutions and save you money by keeping your car in tip-top shape. 

We are serious about both your safety and that of our team of expert technicians and follow all health and safety regulations without fail. 

At ExcelTune our professional affiliations include memberships to the Australian Refrigeration Council and Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers. Additionally, our mechanics are all licensed and qualified to work on your car. We are also an Authorised Roadworthy Inspection Centre (RWC) and VACC Accredited Automobile Repairer. Our in-house Master Technician training and personal development opportunities help us maintain the highest level of technical knowledge and customer service to stand out from the crowd.

For your automotive repair needs, call ExcelTune on 03 9311 3345 today. We look forward to helping you take care of your car.

Here are a few more ways in which we support you:

Easy Payment Plans

At ExcelTune, you can rely on our HUMM facility for a ‘no-interest-ever’ payment plan. We know that some repairs can be extensive, and you’ll require some time to manage it financially. Just let us know that you’ll need HUMM and we can arrange a payment plan for you. However, please keep - keep in mind that we don’t run HUMM on any of our specials.

Happy Customers 

Our testimonial page shows just how well we treat all our clients. We ensure your experience is one of complete satisfaction. We are not your average repair centre; we always go the extra mile for our clients because our purpose is for a long and trusted relationship.

High Quality Parts

Through the use of only genuine, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), high quality parts and equipment, we guarantee that we use only the best parts when working on your prized vehicle. 


We guarantee all our parts or any repair/s for one year or 20 000km, whichever comes first.

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Key Service Areas

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Certified and Qualified by brands you can trust

Brake Service

Brakes service

Brakes perform a vital safety function in any vehicle, but brake pads wear out, and it’s dangerous to neglect regular maintenance and servicing here. We care for your safety and will help you keep this crucial system in top shape:   Let us check the condition of your brakes The most common indicators that your car may need the brakes checked for maintenance are:
  • The brake light comes on 
  • The car wobbles, vibrates, or the brakes sound as if they’re scraping
  • Leaking fluid
  • A spongy feeling when you step on the brake pedal
  • The car veers to one side when you brake
  • You may detect a smell of something burning
  • Excessive vibration when you slam on the brakes
  • Squealing or grinding noises may indicate that the brake pads have worn down to the steel backing plate, which means they require immediate replacement.
Prevent damage with inspection and servicing at ExcelTune Let us replace the brake pads when they become worn and don’t let the steel become exposed. The steel is much harder than the brake pad compound and can scratch and warp the rotors. Brake pads are quite affordable, especially when compared to the cost of rotor machining or replacement. If your brakes require a service or a check, give the expert team at ExcelTune a call on 039 93113345 or book conveniently online.
Suspension Service

Suspension Service

Your car’s suspension is vital, and it must always be in good condition. A vehicle’s suspension system ensures a smooth ride and helps control the vehicle. It maximises the traction of the tyres on the road providing good handling and steering control. It also keeps passengers comfortable and safe by limiting bumps due to bad road conditions. The suspension system comprises several components, including the bodywork. The springs bear the vehicle’s weight while the suspension absorbs road shocks. Worn suspension parts could destabilise the vehicle and make driver control difficult, while it speeds up wear and tear.

We can replace worn shocks to keep you safe and in control so that the suspension can:

  • Govern suspension and spring a movement
  • Provide harmonious handling and braking
  • Avoid untimely tyre wear
  • Maintain wheel alignment
  • Control acceleration squat
  • Limit wear on other systems
  • Promote smooth and balanced wear of tyres and brakes. 
To keep your car's suspension system in optimal shape, bring it to ExcelTune. We specialise in complete foreign and domestic repair service and have been servicing the Melbourne Region since 2002.
Aircon Service

Aircon Service

With Australian temperatures being what they are, you can be confident that we have learned precisely what to do to keep you cool on every journey. A good rule of thumb is to book an aircon service with us every two years minimum.   During this service, we will:
  • Replenish all liquids and ensure everything is working correctly
  • Replace the old refrigerant gas with new gas to the required level
  • Perform a vacuum test to ensure the absence of cracks or leaks that could hamper aircon performance
  • Inspect the compressor to ensure flawless operation.
You must let us inspect and service your vehicle’s AC every 40,000km or two years. Although some car air conditioners may last longer, we recommend bringing it in regularly to avoid unnecessary expenses when you least expect it. We don’t want you to be stuck in a hot car without any air conditioning.
RTA: AU 24461
Performance upgrade

Performance Upgrade

In our modern workshop, you’ll find Dyno Dynamics tools – a global leader in the manufacture of dynamometers – created right here in Australia.  With a chassis dynamometer (or ‘dyno’), our experienced mechanics can mimic various torque and speed requirements, to provide insight into the engine or chassis functioning, whether it’s a petrol- or diesel engine, 4WD, light truck or motorhome. We then compare the results to the manufacturer’s specs. This device lets us test the entire drivetrain at once by anchoring your vehicle to the floor and placing the drive wheels on rollers.  We can test and confirm the following: 
  • Every rotating part of the drivetrain
  • The power and torque delivery of the engine 
  • Evaluate performance and safety or noise issues
  • Simulate a real-world scenario
  • Identify erratic performance and sensor issues
This premium electronic diagnosis equipment means we don’t guess when working on your modern engine. With this innovative technology, our experienced technicians can achieve optimal and precise performance for you to enjoy your car to the max! 
Logbook Servicing near Sunshine

Logbook Servicing

We perform logbook servicing according to factory specifications that won’t affect your new car warranty. Let us assist you with your regular vehicle maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer as part of your new car warranty. You will notice that the value we provide in terms of quality service is indeed a fair exchange. During a logbook service EXCELTUNE will check what the car dealer requirements are and provide extra service apart from these, where required:
  • Change engine oil and oil filters
  • Inspect and adjust brakes as needed
  • Check steering and suspension
  • Assess and top up all fluid levels
  • Test the battery
  • Check tyres and ensure that pressure is correct
  • Examine radiator hoses
  • Check fan belts
  • Check the lights
Clutch Service

Clutch service

The clutch of a car is an essential part of the transmission system and endures ongoing wear and tear. A clutch malfunction will lead to several other issues, and we suggest that you bring your vehicle to us as soon as you notice a problem. Don’t wait for it to get worse, even if you’re not sure, we are here to advise you, and we understand that these problems will not fix themselves.  Should you find any of the clutch issues below, our experts can diagnose any underlying problems and quickly make repairs and adjustments:  Signs of clutch issues: 
  • Liquid leaking 
  • The 'check engine' light will come on 
  • Jarring transition into next gear 
  • Car hesitates or refuses to go into next gear 
  • Strange noises 
  • A slipping clutch 
  • A ‘sticky’ or hard pedal
  • Burning smell 
  • Shaking and out of balance engine 
  • Hard to select gears in a cold weather.
For more information, please visit us at ExcelTune so we can diagnose any clutching concerns. If you delay a clutch service you risk your safety. Secondly, if you wait for too long, you should know that you are just delaying a colossal expense, which you can easily avert by paying well-timed attention to any clutch-related issues.
Electronic Diagnosis

Electronic Diagnosis

The computerisation of vehicle components is one of the most exciting technological advances in the automotive sector. With our unique software, we can quickly pinpoint problems in an engine due to microchips, sensors, and built-in processors. Diagnostic tests reveal which component parameters are not within range, and our expertise guides us to diagnose issues with airflow, ignition coils, the fuel injector, coolant, throttle and more. With our diagnostic tools, we can also analyse your car’s computer system for notifications and data on your vehicle’s history to help our technicians perform the best repair. Our diagnostic software, combined with our knowledge and leading software equipment, lets us determine which issues we must address. Regular diagnostic tests can help our technicians identify problems with your car before costly repairs become necessary, or worse, you get stranded beside the road after a breakdown. Contrary to popular belief, diagnostic tests are not only required when the ‘check engine light’ comes on.  We advise you to let us run diagnostics on your car’s performance at least once a year - with our passion for performance and honest feedback, you can relax and enjoy every driving experience.
Transmission Service

Transmission Service

You will know that your vehicle requires a transmission service and our urgent attention when you hear strange sounds, or it suddenly pops out of gear. A burning smell may occur, or you may notice a transmission fluid leak.  We advise that you service your vehicle’s automatic transmission before you face any of the mentioned issues, call us today for more info about your transmission service according to the manufacturer required bulletin.   Although an automatic transmission is a challenge, you can be confident that our expert team is entirely capable of taking care of various transmission types.  During an automatic transmission service we will:
  • Drain the old transmission fluid
  • Add new fluid per the recommendation of your vehicle manufacturer  
  • Remove old filters and replace
  • Replace all gasket material
  • Replace transmission data plug where applicable 
  • Recalibrate and adapt by our Electronic Diagnostic Equipment as needed.
Trust ExcelTune’s experience and our care for you, our customer, to keep your driving enjoyment free of any breakdown worries
Logbook Servicing Sunshine

Mechanical Repairs

Regular inspections and ‘quick fixes’ can prevent massive breakdowns and save you money, whether it’s brake pad replacement, checking the revolving belts, shock absorber inspections or transmission fluid top-up, we have you covered.

Minor Service During every minor service, our qualified technicians will take care of: 

  • High quality engine oil change (We use only the best in European quality, namely Total products)
  • Replace OEM oil filters
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check external engine belts
  • 20-point suspension and steering system check-up
  • Check and top up fluids with OEM where possible
  • Check lighting system
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check wiper blades and wiper arm system and replace where applicable
  • Engine oil flush and fuel system cleaner Bluechem Germany (by customer request only) 
  • Engine and injectors system decarbonising (by customer request only) 
Before we let you drive your car away, we’ll take it for a test drive to make sure your vehicle delivers optimal performance and above all, is safe for you and your family.

Major Service Your car’s owner’s manual will indicate when a major service is due, but if you’re not sure, ask us any time.  Let us perform the following checks and repairs the way it should be done: 

  • High quality Engine oil change
  • Replace OEM oil filters
  • Replace spark plugs when necessary
  • Air and fuel filter service
  • Check and adjust brakes where applicable
  • Coolant pressure test
  • Check and top up fluids with OEM where applicable
  • Check external engine belts
  • Check suspension and steering system
  • Check lighting system
  • Check Battery, Alternator and Starter Motor for timekeeping
  • Check tyre pressure and rotate tyres where necessary
  • Check wipers and replace when needed
  • Electronic engine diagnosis and inspection
  • Engine oil flush and fuel system cleaner, Bluechem Germany (by customer request only)  
  • Engine and injectors system decarbonising
  • Test drive.
We take pride in offering our services, trained technicians, and top-notch workshop. You can rely on us to perform any of the above tasks with professionalism and attention to detail at all times. For peace of mind – book your service at ExcelTune today.
Tyres services Sunshine


Tyres do so much more than meet the road. As the only point of contact between you and the road, tyres play a crucial safety role for you, your passengers, and other road users. A few aspects that could threaten your safety include incorrectly sized tyres, improper tyre inflation, and wear or defects.    Here are some of the risks of neglecting your tyres:
  • Losing control of your vehicle
  • Increased braking distance
  • Risk of aquaplaning - which is a layer of water building up between the tyre and the road surface – also known as ‘losing grip.’
The treads on tyres should let water flow through and away from its surface, making sure the vehicle remains in contact with the road. Shallow or worn treads create a layer of water on which your tyres slip and can cause you to lose control of your car. We recommend the legal minimum remaining tread depth of 1.6mm to keep everyone safe.   Let us maintain and care for your tyres - for more information and tips on tyre issues call ExcelTune on 03 93113345 today. We look forward to helping you take care of your tyres and your safety.


There is no doubt that the battery is a must-have component, and it must always be in excellent condition, during Summer and Winter. Here are our tips for batteries:
  • Never drive around with an expired battery–it’s only a matter of time before it won’t hold a charge anymore. 
  • Installing the wrong type of battery will also damage the entire charging system, so utilise our expertise to make sure you get the correct one.
  • Over time, the battery cables can become loose, and we check these at every service. 
  • Your vehicle’s alternator is another possible suspect that can quickly deplete the battery’s energy supply. Refer to our Starter Motor & Alternator section or give us a call for advice.
Unsure about the age or condition of your battery? The professionals at ExcelTune will gladly take a look at your vehicle five days a week. Give us a call or just come by the shop with any questions.
Roadworthy Certificate Sunshine

Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificate - Sunshine

In need of a roadworthy certificate in Sunshine? At Exceltune, our mechanics are VicRoads Licensed Vehicle Testers authorised to provide roadworthy certification for all types of vehicles. We will make sure that your car is safe to be on the road, so please call us to book an inspection or book online. Don’t hesitate to approach us for any advice or car repairs and maintenance. We are here for you and enjoy keeping our customers safe on the roads in well-maintained vehicles.

Roadworthy Certificate Sunshine


Why are RWCs so important?

An RWC is required anytime a car is being bought, sold or re-registered. Its purpose is to ensure that a vehicle meets all the requirements to be safely driven on the road and meets all the relevant standards.

The RWC checklist involves all the key components of your car, including the suspension and brakes, seats and seatbelts, lights and reflectors, windscreen and windows and more.

If our mechanic approves your car, you’ll have 30 days to present the certificate to VicRoads. If it fails, you’ll have 14 days to amend the issues highlighted and present the rejected components to our mechanic for reinspection.

Other services

At Exceltune, we offer a full range of car service and repair options from our state of the art workshop in Sunshine.

These are just some of the services we offer:

  • General and logbook servicing
  • System diagnostics and computer scanning
  • Roadworthy certifications
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Clutch service and repairs
  • Performance upgrades
  • Aircon servicing
  • DPF servicing and repairs
  • Suspension servicing and repairs
  • Brake repairs
  • Tyres and batteries

Contact Us Today

For all your car repair and RWC needs near you in Sunshine, call Exceltune on (03) 9311 3345. All our services are low-cost, expertly performed by our specialists with quick turnaround times, keeping your vehicle and top shape and helping you avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Starter Motor & Alternators

Starter Motor & Alternators

The starter motor is part of your car’s starting system and cranks the vehicle’s internal combustion engine to get the engine running under its own power. Your starter motor is essential to start reliably. We don’t want you stranded at the side of the road.  Symptoms of a failing starter 
  • The vehicle won’t start. If you turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens, it’s obvious that there’s a problem with the starter motor. You may also hear a clicking noise in the starter when you turn the key. 
  • Sometimes, the starter activates, but the engine does not crank over, which could mean there’s a mechanical issue. 
  • Erratic starting. If there are times when you struggle to get your vehicle started, it could mean dirty wiring. 
  • The starter motor grinds. This often happens when the gears are worn out or there’s a fault inside the starter motor. This means we’ll have to replace it because it can damage the engine. 
  • Interior lights dim when the car starts. 
  • You may even see or smell smoke coming from the starter motor. 
It is almost impossible to predict or avoid starter motor problems which means you need our professionals to investigate and set the problem straight. Here are a few signs that you need an alternator service: 
  • The indicator light will come on 
  • Headlights may be dim or flicker 
  • Different electrical failures, for example, your car won’t start 
  • Strange noises such as whining or grinding 
  • Car stalls randomly 
  • The battery dies.
We can help you with any of the issues mentioned above, plus we’ll check your battery to ensure you have the charging power to keep the alternator in tip-top shape. Let us help you diagnose and fix these tricky issues and get you back on the road again!
Cooling System Check and Repair

Cooling System Check and Repair

The cooling system circulates coolant throughout the engine to remove almost a third of the waste heat. Only a portion of the heat produced by combustion converts to mechanical energy to drive the engine. Coolant is a blend of chemicals and water that will prevent corrosion inside the engine. When driving in cold weather, you may need to add anti-freeze.  Don’t fall prey to an overheating engine – especially in the hot Australian climate - check the engine coolant levels every time you refuel and keep an eye on your temperature gauge. If the gauge creeps out of normal range, stop the car, and call us. If you find that you have to top up the fluid often or perhaps you see a puddle of fluid under the car, it may indicate a leaking radiator or hose, and you need us as soon as possible. Cooling systems serve vital functions of your vehicle:
  • Removes excess heat from the engine 
  • Preserves optimal engine operating temperature 
  • Raises the engine temperature to the perfect level as quickly as possible.
We can ensure your cooling system functions optimally by carefully inspecting the following and doing the necessary fixes:
  • Cooling fan
  • Radiator
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat
  • Hoses
  • Top up engine coolant if necessary.
The ExcelTune team will optimise cooling systems for the ideal engine running temperature and keep it that way. We always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s directions when adding coolant.
Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Repairs & Cleaning Services

A DPF, or diesel particulate filter, is a device that's fitted to the exhaust system of a diesel engine to prevent the black clouds emitted by older diesel engines. Its purpose is to remove soot particles from the exhaust gas before they're released into the atmosphere to reduce emissions and ensure a cleaner running engine. The DPF does this by using a ceramic or metallic filter to trap the particles. The filter must be periodically cleaned, usually by burning off the particles at high temperatures.

A DPF is an important pollution control device, reducing emissions of harmful particulate matter. However, your DPF can also cause problems if it becomes clogged or damaged, as this can lead to increased engine wear, higher emissions and decreased fuel efficiency. As a result, it's important to ensure that your DPF is properly maintained.

At Exceltune, we provide expert DPF diagnostics, maintenance, repairs and cleaning services for all types of diesel vehicles. Based in Sunshine, we provide car service and repairs for the surrounding suburbs in Melbourne’s west including Taylors Lakes, Taylors Hill, Hillside, Keilor Downs, St Albans, Maribyrnong, Deer Park, Moonee Ponds, Tottenham, Keilor East, Avondale Heights, Sydenham and more.

Diesel Particulate Filters(DPF)

Is Your DPF Blocked?

Since DPFs are generally installed on post-2007 vehicles, symptoms of a blocked DPF can appear across a range of systems. If you are experiencing any of the following, you could be having problems with your DPF:

  • Error codes such as the DPF light or EML (Engine Management Light)
  • Loss of power
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Poor throttle response
  • Trouble starting or failure to start
  • Limp mode (most likely in newer vehicles)
  • Bad smells

However, sometimes these warning lights can be false alarms, but you don’t need to be concerned. Come to the experts at Exceltune and let us apply our knowledge and modern diagnostic measures to sort you out as fast as possible and get you back on the road.

Contact Us Today

Whether you’re looking for DPF cleaning or servicing, a roadworthy certificate, performance tuning or general car repairs and servicing, contact the team at Exceltune today. Based in Sunshine, our auto centre services customers from across Melbourne’s western suburbs.

To book a service or talk to one of our friendly team members, give us a call today on (03) 9311 3345 or contact us online.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Electronic Fuel Injection

Clogged fuel injectors can cause uneven idling, stalling, poor acceleration or unacceptable emission levels. We are passionate about vehicle performance and are here to assist if you notice any of the following: 
  • Rough idling or engine stalls 
  • Engine vibration 
  • The check engine light comes on 
  • Fuel leaks and strong fuel smell 
  • Engine surges 
  • Poor fuel economy. 
Our mechanics are highly skilled at using our state-of-the-art equipment to determine whether your EFI is performing optimally, and we can provide this service for you with confidence. We have the specialist knowledge and state of the art equipment to address and fix all those issues. Please call us today for an inspection.
Starter Motor & Alternators

Car Service Sunshine

Reliable Car Service & Repair near Sunshine

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable car service centre in Sunshine, then contact the team at Exceltune. We offer complete car repairs and servicing for all makes and models from our state of the art workshop in Sunshine. We have a team of highly skilled mechanics with extensive experience providing servicing and repairs across a wide range of European, Japanese and Australian vehicles. From logbook servicing and brake or clutch repairs to DPF servicing and repairs, our team can handle any problem quickly and efficiently, and at the best prices in Sunshine. As a trusted local owner-operated auto centre, we prioritise customer service and satisfaction. We strive to deliver the kind of service that you’d want to recommend to your friends and family. We ensure superior workmanship on every job and use only top-quality OEM replacement parts. We offer free up-front quotes on all work and our mechanics will only ever recommend the repairs your car actually needs. We aim to build ongoing relationships with all our clients, and the best way to do that is by providing great service and reliable repairs at minimal cost to you.

Car Service Sunshine


Car Servicing & Inspections

Whether you’re looking for minor or major servicing, logbook servicing or just general preventative maintenance, our team is ready to help. We can provide complete servicing for all makes and models, ensuring your car is in perfect condition while keeping your warranty intact. All servicing is carried out in line with manufacturer guidelines using only quality OEM replacement parts. If you’re looking for a roadworthy certificate in Sunshine, we are a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester and can provide fast and affordable inspections and certification.

Car Repairs

At Exceltune, our expert mechanics offer a complete range of mechanical repairs for just about all makes and models. From radiator repairs and cooling system diagnostics to professional tuning and performance upgrades, our team of the best mechanics in Melbourne will get you back on the road as quickly as possible. These are just some of the services we offer:

  • General and logbook servicing
  • System diagnostics and computer scanning
  • Roadworthy certifications
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Clutch service and repairs
  • Performance upgrades
  • Aircon servicing
  • DPF servicing and repairs
  • Suspension servicing and repairs
  • Brake repairs
  • Tyres and batteries

Contact Us Today

With affordable pricing and a stellar reputation across Melbourne's western suburbs, we are your trusted local mechanics in Sunshine. To book a service or get a free quote for repairs, give us a call on (03) 9311 3345 or contact us online.

European Car Service Melbourne

Best European Car Service in Melbourne

For over 30 years, Exceltune has been providing European car service and repairs to customers across Melbourne. Our team of experienced mechanics specialise in a range of European vehicles including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Peugeot and more.

European Car Service Melbourne

To ensure the longevity and reliability of your vehicle, all our work is done with strict adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This means using the latest diagnostic tools and fitting your vehicle with only the best OEM parts that we can find. If you’re looking for premium European car service and repairs in Melbourne, contact the team at Exceltune today.

Importance of Specialist Servicing

European vehicles are the cream of the crop when it comes to state-of-the-art designs and innovative technology. To produce such vehicles, the manufacturing team must have a deep understanding of automobile engineering and possess a bold creative spirit. Because European models feature such complex and intricate parts, maintaining them also requires a high-level of expertise. To service these luxurious vehicles, mechanics need to have a sophisticated knowledge of European craftsmanship. If you settle for an inexperienced mechanic, your vehicle will be at a risk of a reduced lifespan and impaired performance. So, if you want your car to retain its elegance and grandeur, as well as its resale value, it’s important that you see a mechanic that specialises in European car repairs and servicing. At Exceltune, all our mechanics are specifically trained in maintaining, repairing and upgrading European vehicles. Whether it’s brake repairs or DPF servicing, we’ve got you covered. We provide boutique service to all customers that come through our doors. This means our work is customised to each of our clients’ needs. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will attentively listen to your concerns to find the best possible solution.

Why Choose Us

At Exceltune, our priority is to get you back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible. We believe that our job is to not only service your vehicle, but also to give peace of mind while you’re driving. Here are a few more reasons to go with Exceltune:
  • VACC Accredited Automobile Repairer
  • Authorised Roadworthy Inspection Centre (RWC)
  • State-of-the-art workshop equipped with the latest diagnostic tools
  • Client-centric and provides personalised services
  • Only uses authentic OEM parts
  • Owner-operated
If you’re looking for a reliable European car specialist near you, give us a call on (03) 9311 3345 or contact us online today.

CALL (03) 9311 3345

So give us a call today to assist you with your next vehicle service or repair, or click for a full range of services here

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