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In our modern workshop, you’ll find Dyno Dynamics tools – a global leader in the manufacture of dynamometers – created right here in Australia.  With a chassis dynamometer (or ‘dyno’), our experienced mechanics can mimic various torque and speed requirements, to provide insight into the engine or chassis functioning, whether it’s a petrol- or diesel engine, 4WD, light truck or motorhome. We then compare the results to the manufacturer’s specs. This device lets us test the entire drivetrain at once by anchoring your vehicle to the floor and placing the drive wheels on rollers.  We can test and confirm the following: 
  • Every rotating part of the drivetrain
  • The power and torque delivery of the engine 
  • Evaluate performance and safety or noise issues
  • Simulate a real-world scenario
  • Identify erratic performance and sensor issues
This premium electronic diagnosis equipment means we don’t guess when working on your modern engine. With this innovative technology, our experienced technicians can achieve optimal and precise performance for you to enjoy your car to the max! 

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During our years of service to the community many of our satisfied customers have commented favourably on our services. Here’s what they had to say:

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