Mechanical Repairs

Regular inspections and ‘quick fixes’ can prevent massive breakdowns and save you money, whether it’s brake pad replacement, checking the revolving belts, shock absorber inspections or transmission fluid top-up, we have you covered.

Minor Service During every minor service, our qualified technicians will take care of: 

  • High quality engine oil change (We use only the best in European quality, namely Total products)
  • Replace OEM oil filters
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check external engine belts
  • 20-point suspension and steering system check-up
  • Check and top up fluids with OEM where possible
  • Check lighting system
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Check wiper blades and wiper arm system and replace where applicable
  • Engine oil flush and fuel system cleaner Bluechem Germany (by customer request only) 
  • Engine and injectors system decarbonising (by customer request only) 
Before we let you drive your car away, we’ll take it for a test drive to make sure your vehicle delivers optimal performance and above all, is safe for you and your family.

Major Service Your car’s owner’s manual will indicate when a major service is due, but if you’re not sure, ask us any time.  Let us perform the following checks and repairs the way it should be done: 

  • High quality Engine oil change
  • Replace OEM oil filters
  • Replace spark plugs when necessary
  • Air and fuel filter service
  • Check and adjust brakes where applicable
  • Coolant pressure test
  • Check and top up fluids with OEM where applicable
  • Check external engine belts
  • Check suspension and steering system
  • Check lighting system
  • Check Battery, Alternator and Starter Motor for timekeeping
  • Check tyre pressure and rotate tyres where necessary
  • Check wipers and replace when needed
  • Electronic engine diagnosis and inspection
  • Engine oil flush and fuel system cleaner, Bluechem Germany (by customer request only)  
  • Engine and injectors system decarbonising
  • Test drive.
We take pride in offering our services, trained technicians, and top-notch workshop. You can rely on us to perform any of the above tasks with professionalism and attention to detail at all times. For peace of mind – book your service at ExcelTune today.

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During our years of service to the community many of our satisfied customers have commented favourably on our services. Here’s what they had to say:

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