Electronic Diagnosis

The computerisation of vehicle components is one of the most exciting technological advances in the automotive sector. With our unique software, we can quickly pinpoint problems in an engine due to microchips, sensors, and built-in processors. Diagnostic tests reveal which component parameters are not within range, and our expertise guides us to diagnose issues with airflow, ignition coils, the fuel injector, coolant, throttle and more. With our diagnostic tools, we can also analyse your car’s computer system for notifications and data on your vehicle’s history to help our technicians perform the best repair. Our diagnostic software, combined with our knowledge and leading software equipment, lets us determine which issues we must address. Regular diagnostic tests can help our technicians identify problems with your car before costly repairs become necessary, or worse, you get stranded beside the road after a breakdown. Contrary to popular belief, diagnostic tests are not only required when the ‘check engine light’ comes on.  We advise you to let us run diagnostics on your car’s performance at least once a year - with our passion for performance and honest feedback, you can relax and enjoy every driving experience.

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