Diesel Particulate Filters

What is a DPF?  Because diesel engine emissions are strictly monitored, manufacturers increasingly utilise devices to protect the environment and prevent the ‘black clouds’ emitted by older diesel engines.  One such system is the Diesel Particulate Filter located in the exhaust system. It filters out harmful carbon particles and prevents them from being released into the atmosphere.  Since manufacturers started fitting DPFs in 2007, it has caused confusion and unnecessary repair costs due to lack of knowledge. The filter traps 80% of soot and diesel particulate emissions.  The ECU (engine control unit) controls the filter, and with increased heat, ‘burns off’ the particles when it reaches a certain percentage. Symptoms of a blocked DPF  Because most DPFs are installed on modern cars, you will probably experience the following if there's a problem: 
  • Error codes such as the DPF light or EML (Engine Management Light) will be the first symptoms 
  • Loss of power 
  • Reduced fuel economy 
  • Poor throttle response 
  • Trouble starting or failure to start 
  • Limp mode (most likely in newer vehicles) 
  • Bad smells 
However, sometimes these warning lights can be false alarms, but you don’t need to be concerned. Come to the experts at ExcelTune and let us apply our knowledge and modern diagnostic measures to sort you out as fast as possible and get you back on the road.

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