There is no doubt that the battery is a must-have component, and it must always be in excellent condition, during Summer and Winter. Here are our tips for batteries:
  • Never drive around with an expired battery–it’s only a matter of time before it won’t hold a charge anymore. 
  • Installing the wrong type of battery will also damage the entire charging system, so utilise our expertise to make sure you get the correct one.
  • Over time, the battery cables can become loose, and we check these at every service. 
  • Your vehicle’s alternator is another possible suspect that can quickly deplete the battery’s energy supply. Refer to our Starter Motor & Alternator section or give us a call for advice.
Unsure about the age or condition of your battery? The professionals at ExcelTune will gladly take a look at your vehicle five days a week. Give us a call or just come by the shop with any questions.

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