At Exceltune we take pride in solving the mechanical and electrical issues with you European prestige, Australian or Japanese vehicle.

European cars are designed for a totally different climate compared with Australia’s harsh conditions, so the reason being for those unexpected problems that can arise.

As we value you as our customer we always go the extra mile to ensure that your vehicle gets the best attention and expertise to give you that service confidence you need need when taking your vehicle to a mechanic.

Our goal is to always tune your car for an extended service life, our service reports being very thorough, equal to that of the OEM dealers, if not better!


Better driving control and greater distances covered are achieved simply by tuning the engine to it’s peak performance. We have the technology for achieving those results.
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Remapping as a software change where we modify the operating parameters in the vehicles ECU program or ‘map’. We do not change or add any hardware in your vehicle.


ECU Remapping is when we take a read from the ECU’s processing chip of the vehicles standard tuning map. We then adjust various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and throttle pedal control, amongst others to release the true performance from the engine.

Why do customers choose us?

  • The highest degree of care and professionalism is taken when handling your vehicle.
  • Work is carried out promptly – most cases we try to get you back in your car back the same day.
  • We only ever use genuine and OEM replacement parts and lubricants.
  • All our parts and workmanship are guaranteed – you are covered for any unexpected failures.
  • All work carried out is pre approved by you our customer first. There are no hidden costs involved in your vehicle service or repair.

All work carried out on your vehicle exceeds dealership standards but is also always done to keep costs at a minimum. So not only do you save money, but you inevitably increase the life of your vehicle.

Take advantage of your warranty – Come see us today!

We encourage new car buyers with factory warranties to service their vehicles with us.


Because not only do we have the expertise but we will also ensure that any faults covered under your warranty are reported directly to you. The faults covered by the OEM Warranty, can then be resolved by the dealer under warranty conditions, saving possible future costs when the Dealer Warranty expires.

We use Autologic Diagnostics to analyse our cars. This is the most thorough approach to European car diagnostics. Autologic combines dealer-level software with unrivalled technical support from Master Technicians and specialist software engineers.

Easy Payment Plans

At Exceltune, we also offer you a ‘No Interest Ever’ payment plan if your repairs are extensive and require time to pay. Simply let us know that you’d like Ezi-Pay

High Quality Parts

At Exceltune we use and recommend Bosch products.
Because Bosch Australia has a commitment to upholding the high standards of its brand as well as serving the needs of Bosch customers and its own employees