Exceltune Quality


With more than 400 Bosch Service Centres Australia-wide, our service to you comes with a true Nation Wide Warranty.

When a Bosch Service Centre maintains or repairs your vehicle, you will not only be assured of expert service and support but also peace of mind in knowing you're covered with Bosch all around Australia, in the unlikely event of a product and/or repair failure.

Logbook Servicing

We can carry out your logbook servicing schedule according to factory specifications. NOTE This does not affect your new car warranty and gives you the assurance that your prized vehicle is being serviced by the most skilled mechanics, something you do not always have assurance of with dealer workshops! Something for you to always keep in mind?

Older vehicles can also require a little extra attention; we understand this and therefore are able to tailor a service schedule to suit your needs and the needs of your car.

Original Equipment Manufacturer repairs

We take pride in the quality of our workmanship we provide, making sure we always stay up to date with the latest technical information from the OEM’s to give you the assurance you need and to show you that we know what we are talking about when it comes to solving your engine service or repair.

We mostly recommend Bosch quality parts but we are also willing to use your preferred brands, to either suit your budget or brand preference. Our PROMISE to you is quality workmanship at all times. Your peace of mind is guaranteed.

The Robert Bosch Promise of Quality

“It has always been an unbearable thought to me that someone could inspect my products and find them inferior. I have therefore always tried to ensure that only such products are delivered that will stand any objective test: in other words, work that is superior in every respect. I have acted on the principle: rather lose money than lose the confidence of my customers. The integrity of my promise, faith in the quality of my goods and given word always means more to me than temporary gain."