Our Uniqueness

Exceltune offers a full range of quality services at the most competitive price to meet the needs of customers driving all makes of European prestige, Australian and Japanese vehicles.

Our expertise to work on all mechanical and electronic systems supported by our peace of mind Nation Wide Warranty means that you can trust your car to Exceltune.

With over 30 years of industry experience you can trust Exceltune to deliver the most up to date service and repair available for your vehicle.

We guarantee it…

What we do for you

Logbook Servicing

We can carry out the logbook servicing schedule according to factory specifications without affecting your new car warranty

Performance Chips & Tuning

From Fuel to Diesel we at Exceltune offer an extensive range of power chips upgrades to give your car more power, performance and economy

Wheel Balancing

Our Balance Optimisation System is designed to ensure that you have the smoothest driving possible

Mechanical & Electronic servicing & repairs

Need your car looked after? Talk to us and we will be able to help

Diesel Particle Filters

At Exceltune we can regenerate or clean diesel filters where possible

Clutch servicing & repairs

Transmission, gearbox and clutch services & repair

Computer Coding and Decoding

Our high quality electronic diagnosis equipment removes the guesswork involved in repairing your modern vehicle

Brake servicing & repairs

Brakes are crucial to your saftey and should be checked upon every service. We service brake discs, pads, fluid, sensors, disc rotors, and ABS

EFI servicing & repairs

maintaining an EFI system with regular servicing can prevent some of the more common problems drivers tend to suffer


Your shock absorbers should be checked for signs of wear every 20,000 km

LPG tuning

We are one of the few mechanics that offer LPG tuning

Computer Engine diagnosis & tuning

Our high quality electronic diagnosis equipment removes the guesswork involved in repairing your modern vehicle

Transmission servicing & repairs

Transmissions require specialised work and care that we provide

Pre Purchase Inspection and Report

We make sure the car you're looking at is right for you

Air conditioning servicing & repairs

Crucial to your comfort this coming summer

And much more...

Contact us today and see if we can help

Service information

* Items are optional

Minor Service

  • High quality oil change
  • Replace oil filters
  • Brakes checked and adjusted
  • Check external engine belts
  • 10 point suspension and steering system check up
  • Check and top up fluids
  • Check lighting system
  • Check tyres pressure
  • Check wiper blades and wiper system
  • * Engine oil flush and inject-a-clean for the fuel system
  • * Engine and injectors system decarbonising
  • Test drive

The Right Service


If there is a minor fault with your car, we will let you know that it is a simple issue, and not take advantage of the unknowing. If we say we replace your parts with new, they will be new. We treat you like we would expect from others.


Our competitive prices are unbeatable for what we can offer you.


We take pride in the quality of workmanship you need - we are constantly learning new information to add to our extensive knowledge of electro-mechanical issues and solutions. That is why we can cater for O.E.M* repairs.